$35 Well Care Acupuncture Visits

Not only can acupuncture help when you’re sick, it can also help to keep you well. There is a Chinese proverb that says,



“The wise physician treats the patient beforeLiv300x199 he is sick.”

In that spirit, we have developed a Well Care Acupuncture treatment to help you relieve stress and maximize your body’s natural resources.

“The Multivitamin of Acupuncture”

We like to think of our Well Care Visits as “the multivitamin” of acupuncture. Multivitamins don’t typically treat specific health concerns, but they do help you to stay well. Our Well Care Visits are the same. Our Well Care Visits use an 11-point acupuncture protocol that we’ve designed to:

  • Relieve stress and overall tension;
  • Increase energy through good digestion and respiration;
  • Regulate overall circulation to ensure that oxygen and nutrients are delivered throughout the body;
  • Regulate stress hormones; and
  • Optimize immune functioning


Most patients find that once or twice per month is a great way to feel balanced and healthy. That said, some patients come in once a week while others come in a few times per year. You are welcome anytime!

Ready to get started? Schedule your Well Care Visit now.