Blue Shield Insurance Coverage

Blue Shield Insurance

Blue Shield Insurance

Many Blue Shield of California policies include an acupuncture benefit that covers acupuncture for the treatment of most pain and nausea related conditions.

We are considered in-network for most Blue Shield Insurance plans.

Before your first visit, we will contact Blue Shield for the details of your acupuncture benefit.  We will check the following information for you.

  • Whether your plan has an acupuncture benefit
  • Number of allowed acupuncture visits per year
  • Whether or not your plan has a deductible
    • If so, how much of your deductible has been met for this policy year
    • If so, whether your deductible applies to acupuncture. (In some cases, the deductible is waived for acupuncture care.)
  • Your co-insurance or co-pay amount

Please complete the following form, and we will email with our findings as soon as possible.

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