Acupuncture Treatment for PMS

Moderate to severe PMS means that one to two weeks per month aren’t so pleasant.

You might feel like you want to crawl out of your skin.

You might feel like every little thing sets you off.

You might feel awkward or clumsy.

You might experience bloating or breast tenderness.

You might feel like all of a sudden you weigh more, even though the scale hasn’t budged.

What if PMS left you alone?
What if you could just feel like yourself again?

Try Acupuncture!

One or two acupuncture treatments per month is a great way for so many women to reduce or eliminate the monthly suffering that comes from out-of-whack hormones.

When should I come in for treatment?

Come and see us halfway and two-thirds of the way between one period and the next. If you’re cycle is 28 days, for example, you would come in close to Day 14 and Day 21. Don’t worry – a couple of days in before or after that is fine.

Your treatment will be designed to regulate hormones, reduce stress, and optimize water metabolism.

Do you also suffer from cramps at period time? Be sure to let us know — we can treat cramps and PMS at the same time.

I’m afraid of needles. Does it hurt?

You will be amazed by how relaxing acupuncture is. Our needles are hair-thin and feel nothing like getting a shot, a piercing, or a tattoo. Many patients are so relaxed that they fall asleep during acupuncture.

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