NEW! $35/30-Minute Wellness Visits

Have you always wondered what acupuncture feels like?

Do you already love the way acupuncture makes you feel?

If either is true, then you’ll want to come in for our $35/30-minute Wellness Visit!

Here’s the lowdown:

The Treatment

  • Come in wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and we’ll get you right onto the treatment table.
  • You’ll receive a balancing acupuncture treatment consisting of a pre-defined set of eleven acupuncture points that will help to:
    • Relieve stress and tension;
    • Improve circulation;
    • Balance hormones;
    • Promote digestive health; and
    • Strengthen the lungs and the immune system.
  • These acupuncture points are located primarily on the arms and legs, so you won’t need to undress. You’ll just need to take off shoes and socks and roll pant legs up to your knees.

Scheduling & Payment

  • In order to keep the cost this low, we ask that you make your appointment online.
  • If you need to cancel or change your appointment, you are entitled to a full refund provided that you cancel or change your appointment online at least 24 hours before the appointment.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot refund missed appointments or late cancellations.

How Often?

  • Come as frequently as you’d like! We strive to keep the price low enough for you to return as often as you want. At 30 minutes long, Well Care Visits can fit perfectly into your day — after a trip to the gym, on your lunch hour, or right after work.
  • Generally, patients come for maintenance treatments every-other-week or once per month. You decide what’s right for you. If you find a time slot that works for you, you can even book regularly recurring appointments.

The Difference

  • In a regular acupuncture treatment visit, we would discuss your primary health concerns, formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan, and prescribe acupuncture points and herbs specific to your treatment needs. In a wellness visit, the points are already set, so the visit is much faster. Think of it as the "multi-vitamin" of acupuncture.
  • Because we won’t be diagnosing or treating any specific conditions or diseases, you will not be able to use FSA or HSA funds or submit for reimbursement to your insurance plan.


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