Acupuncture and the Treatment of Bell’s Palsy

Bell's Palsy causes paralysis to half of the face

Bell’s Palsy can be scary!  It comes out of nowhere, and all of a sudden you wake up to find that you can’t move half of your face.

Many Bell’s sufferers initially think the cause might be a stroke or a brain tumor.

Fortunately, Bell’s Palsy is a benign condition, but it can also be very disruptive to day-to-day life.

Acupuncture is a surprisingly effective treatment strategy for Bell’s Palsy.  By stimulating the peripheral nervous system with acupuncture, patients often find faster and more complete recovery from their facial paralysis.

Not only has Ken Berry, LAc helped many patients regain control of their facial muscles, he also designed a treatment protocol that he teaches to other acupuncturists who want to improve their clinical results.

Half smile caused by Bell's Palsy

Intense acupuncture may improve Bell’s palsy

“Patients with facial paralysis saw greater improvements in function after a more intensive form of acupuncture in a new study from China that compared the treatment to standard acupuncture. 


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I’m impressed with the effectiveness of the acupuncture sessions with Ken.  He is so kind and has a gentle technique.
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