Acupuncture and the Treatment of Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual CrampsMenstrual cramps can be anywhere from mildly annoying to totally debilitating.

Stop suffering!

Whether your cramps stop you in your tracks, or are just bad enough to cause you to take a pain reliever, you should try acupuncture!

Acupuncture is a terrific way to reduce the intensity and duration of cramps. For many women, one or two treatments per month is all it takes.

How does acupuncture alleviate menstrual cramps?

Acupuncture is great at addressing some of the root causes of menstrual cramps:

  • It’s great at balancing hormones;
  • It’s great at reducing spasms; and
  • It’s great at alleviating stress (which contributes to the intensity of the pain).

When should I come in for treatment?

If your cycles are regular and you don’t also suffer from PMS symptoms such as bloating, moodiness, and breast tenderness, we recommend that you come in for acupuncture 1-3 days before your next period.  If it sneaks up on you, we can often help with a treatment on the first or second day of your period.

If you also suffer from PMS, we recommend that you come in 1-3 days before your period AND 7-10 days before your period. In these cases, we can usually reduce or eliminate PMS symptoms as well as the cramps.

If you have irregular cycles, mid-cycle bleeding, long periods (more than seven days), or short periods (fewer than three days), we recommend coming in once per week for about three cycles until we start seeing a reduction of cramps and more regularity to your timing and flow. From there, we’ll reduce the frequency of your treatments so that you’re only coming in as much as you need to.

I’m afraid of needles. Does it hurt?

You will be amazed by how relaxing acupuncture is. Our needles are hair-thin and feel nothing like getting a shot, a piercing, or a tattoo. Many patients are so relaxed that they fall asleep during acupuncture.

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